“An intelligent rationale behind every decision”


My name is Jake Blakeley, or John Jacob Blakeley, as the website denotes. I am a designer, passionate about creating the best solution to any problem. This means starting from the basics for a strong foundation, by rethinking the problem from every perspective. An integral part of this process is questioning the function of every detail and asking how it could be improved, with an intelligent rationale behind every decision. Outside of my work, I try to expand my views through new experiences and take every opportunity to learn from them. The best designers expand outside just visual design. They understand that design, at its core, solves problems and the best solutions come from understanding the user you are designing for.



Understand the target audience, competition and what the problem is that needs to be solved.


Use this research to create a product and solution through an appropriate design approach.


Validate concepts through user testing, research, and design instinct. Go back and redefine if necessary.


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Hex Magazine
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Meno music playlist generator
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Hex Magazine

Proof of concept to reimagine the online article experience

Hex is a concept that reimagines the online article viewing experience. It takes advantage of large screen real estate to allow the user to browse both the article list and the articles themselves within the same page to keep a consistent experience. The persistently changing branding of Hex uses a range of colours to represent each subject matter to allow the user to instantly recognizable which category each article belongs to.

close A Playlist Generator for DJs on the Go


On the go playlist generator

Meno, meaning less in Italian musical terminology, is an on the go solution for generating new, continuous playlists for DJing or personal listening. The app is designed for people with all ranges of musical knowledge. All of the thinking is done for you since the playlists are based around harmonic mixing and the circle of fifths to make sure each song blends seamlessly into the next.

Expo 2025
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Alison Rachuk portfolio
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Expo 2025

Visual experience for the Canadian Expo

This project was commissioned by Toronto’s Expo Committee to envision a cross medium visual experience for the tentative Canadian Expo. For the website I wanted to create an experience that was captivatingly unique, and also informative. Something that would stand out from everyday websites, yet would be accessible and intuitive to use from any device, and for any of the broad range of people that would attend.

close Alison Rachuk Portfolio

Alison Rachuk's Portfolio

Design portfolio with an emphasis on work is a portfolio website for graphic designer Alison Rachuk. It takes full advantage of her bold visual style and puts the focus on her body of work to define her approach to design.

Xavier modern display face
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Xavier Typeface

Modern display face with the illusion of complete form

Xavier’s final concept pushed the idea of a modern typeface to the extreme by removing the hairlines altogether. The final result creates a unique interplay between negative and positive space to give just enough structure to allow the letterforms to be deciphered easily.

close Pearls and Bones hip-hop website

Stag Out Hip-Hop Band Site

Artist website for Toronto hip-hop duo is a website for Toronto hip-hop duo Sandy Pearlman & Bones. The user’s attention is immediately brought to the music player as soon as the page loads to emphasize the main aspect, the music. Throughout the rest of the site the duo’s gritty visual style is apparent in the visuals and contrasts with the more functional, clean navigation to create a better ease of access.

Squam Shopper website
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Adveyes, smart white cane addon
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Squam Shopper

Online grocery delivery service for Annisquam Massachusetts

Squam Shoppers was client project with the purpose of creating an easy to use service for a grocery delivery company in Annisquam, Massachusetts. With the target audience being in the older age range I wanted to keep the process as simple as possible and included such things as a confirmation email, clear instructions and easy to understand language.

close Adveyes, smart white cane addon


Hardware solution for the problems presented by a normal white cane for the blind

Adveyes was the summation of 54 hours of work by a team I lead through both vision and design at Startup Weekend. It is a modular add-on that solves the problem with normal white canes only giving feedback from ground level objects. With this solution we can give tactile feedback from above ground level to help blind people avoid objects such tree branches or signs.

Quism Haircare Website Design
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John Jacob Designs Logo Case Study
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close Axe Canada welcome home Chris Hadfield

Axe Welcome Home Micro-site

Collaboration with Axe Canada to welcome home Canada's greatest astronaut

Axe’s “Welcome Home” e-card was created in collaboration with Harbinger Ideas, to welcome home Canada’s greatest astronaut. The website consolidates all of the tweets sent out during the campaign into one place. The website includes a search bar to easily find your tweet and a shareable url to show your friends on social media.

close John Jacob Design Logo Design

Daft Punk Editorial

Editorial showcasing the history of Daft Punk

This eight-page booklet, paying homage to “Daft Punk”, was the result of an in-class typography project. The display face used in the titles and the front cover is custom created to express their style both artistically and musically. Overall I went with a digital feeling, visual style to express their music.

Design Culture Today Poster 1
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Infographic Visualizer
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close Design Culture Today Poster 1

Design Culture Today Poster

Poster show the digital side of design

This poster was designed for an in-class project for The Design Exchange’s “Design Culture Today”. The idea behind the work was to convey the broad range of styles design culture encompasses, which is shown in the use of three different fonts in the title, as well as a separate treatment for each.

close Infographic Visualizer

Infographic Visualizer

Javascript app to parse csv data into infographics

The idea for this app began when an issue arose, during my internship with Harbinger Ideas, that spreadsheet data was hard to comprehend. This solution simplifies that process by taking the CSVs, given by MRP Data, and outputs the information into an easy to read visual infographic. The app allows the user to take a screenshot and export it into a shareable image, as seen to the left.